Friday, February 11, 2011

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge - Spent $43.71 Total

On my first shopping trip, I spent $26.13.  I got the following:

6.76   4 gallons of milk on sale for $1.69 each
2.38   (2) Quaker Oatmeal squares at $1.19 each
3.38   (2) Hershey's Chocolate syrup $1.69 each
2.85   Green grapes
2.50   Strawberries
1.94   Tomatoes on the vine
2.94   Bananas at 39 cents/lb.
1.69   Bob's Mill 5 grain cereal
1.69   Bob's Mill Oat bran
 Second trip:  These are after coupon prices.  Spent $17.58
Free    Steak
1.74    Cantaloupe
3.00    (9) Kiwis
1.98    (6) Kraft Cheeses marked down, plus coupons 33 cents each 2 shredded, 4 bars
1.34    (3) pkgs of Trident gum
  .98    (2) Simply Lemonade marked down, plus coupons 49 cents each
  .49    Wholly Guacamole
1.98    (2) different marked down Organic 1/2 gallons of milk - w/ coupons 99 cents each
Free    (2) Organic milk chocolate singles
Free    Vitamin Water
  .73    McCormick Taco Seasoning
1.35    Cumin
2.99    3 lb. Organic Gala apples
1.00   (2) Grapefruits

These were free with part of a $25 dollar gift card I got with a coupon when getting a new or transferred prescription:

Broccoli, 1 lb. carrots, 2 lb. carrots, avacado, store brand taco seasoning, buttermilk, lettuce

Grand total spent:  $43.71

For those of you who are interested in free groceries, and have someone in the family who uses prescription medicine, there are coupons that you can get for a free grocery or store card with a new or transferred prescription.  They range all the way up to $25.  Some stores even match other stores coupons.  It may be worth checking into!

How was your shopping trip this week?  Link up and share!

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