Monday, January 10, 2011

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Tonight we are having Spaghetti pie.  We will also have leftover Spinach and Cheese pie (pictured below) that I made for lunch, if the family is interested.  I got the Spinach and Cheese recipe from the Relish magazine that came with our newspaper yesterday.  I didn't have all the ingredients or the right amounts, but I had enough to pull it off and made some substitutions.  It tasted great!

Yesterday I made a Blueberry Buckle because I had some blueberries I need to use up.  I just realized that it was a dessert when I looked for the link, and I gave it to our family for breakfast!  It was like a coffee cake but with a little bit heavier dough like a mix between coffee cake and biscuit dough.  Everyone liked it!  I am posting it today, because I don't post on Sunday.

Note:  This is the correct Blueberry Buckle.  I had put a different one on and just realized that it wasn't the one I made.


  1. I made it and it sure tastes great!

  2. I think you made a different recipe from the one I did. I am sorry that I put the wrong link, but it is corrected now.