Saturday, January 8, 2011

Financial Goals for 2011

These are our financial goals for the year:  I was going to update them, but realized that I had never posted them. 

Financial Goals 2011

  1. Pay off $12,000 or more on mortgage.  We will end up paying 10,000 off on our principal since we had two weddings this year. There is a chance we may be able to pay more, but we will see.

  1. Rebuild emergency fund to $2,000 (hail damage to roof and 2 cars, $500 furnace repair)  This is DONE.

  1. Invest an extra $1000 -$250 so far. 

Ongoing Financial Goals

  1. Save $550 per month to live on when we don’t get paid in the summer.  DONE

  1. Contribute 11% to retirement.  DONE

  1. Pay cash for family vacations, Christmas and wedding for kids if it happens. DONE  (We have the money saved for Christmas)

  1. Pay cash for any college expenses if necessary to help kids get out of college without any debt.  DONE

What financial goals to you have for the year?

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