Wednesday, January 26, 2011

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

I am finally posting our shopping trip for this past week.  I have been out of town, but my husband and kids did the shopping and kept the receipts.  No pictures this week!

Apples - pink lady 1.49
Apples - fuji 2.33
Bonless chicken thighs 2.11
Boneless chicken thighs 1.99
Boneless Chicken thighs 1.81
Ground beef 2.98
Tilamook cheddar 4.99
Tilamook cheddar 4.99
(4) Jif Peanut butter 6.00
Donuts .59
Bananas 2.83
2 gallons fat free milk 5.98
Orange juice 2.99
Ice cream cups 1.99
Ice Cream 2.99

Total:  $46.06

I made most of the meals ahead of time from my menu plan and froze them.  You can definitely tell that guys did most of this shopping - there is lots of meat and cheese and not lots of veggies! 


  1. Looks to me like you are doing a good job of staying in budget! :) Found you on grocery cart challenge. Sarah

  2. Thanks. Some weeks are harder than others. I appreciate your comment!