Thursday, January 6, 2011

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

I shopped late in the week last week, and early in the week this week because there was a great produce sale.  This week  I spent a total of 50.19, but I am still just under budget if you average it with last week.  I got a Visa card for $10 of groceries for free, so I didn't take a picture of or count the food I got with it towards the budget.  Other than this, we have a weekly date night and if we go out to eat it doesn't count in the grocery budget.  We have a budget of $50 per month for entertainment and that is where the money for dates come from, whether we go out to eat, make a special dinner at home or just go do something else.  For example, this week, we are going to try making gyros together for our date.  The food for that date won't be counted.  I still have to make dinner those night for the kids, or they can eat leftovers if we have them.  This is the breakdown for groceries this week:

2.50 Florida Natural Orange Juice
2.99  Frigo String Cheese
6.99 Marie Calendar's Lasagna  (had a coupon to get it for free)

Total at Safeway 5.49 since the Lasagna was free.

1.57   Italian Sausage
1.57   Italian Sausage
.97     5 lb. potatoes
.67   bananas
1.79  broccoli
.99   cucumbers (3)
.97  spinach
.97  spinach
.59 large lemon
1.18  large lemons (2)
.89  green leaf lettuce
.89  red leaf lettuce
1.77  oranges
3.56  pineapple

Grand total at Rosauers was 19.30

Town & Country
3.49  Organic milk
3.49  Organic mozarella
2.99  gala apples
2.59  5 lb. carrots
1.79  Tilamook natural sour cream
1.69  Organic Half & Half
.65  Green chilies
1.50 Ricotta cheese
3.00    Grapefruit (12)
.53  Bulk Red Potatoes
1.65  Pink Lady apples
.65 Green Chilies
Coupons @ 1.75

Grand Total at Town & Country   25.40


  1. I love all the produce sales this week. I also got to stock up on some of those. You're doing great! You spent only half of your budget, I'm wondering if you'll add the overage to next week?
    Please come link up at the weekly savings page on Bluegrass Savers.

  2. Love that you bought almost all good healthy food - especially lots of produce - and still stayed on budget. Great job!

    Thanks for coming by and linking up!
    -- Laura from Frugal Follies

  3. Great job! I am happy to see someone spend $50 a week and buy really healthy stuff and not just processed junk.

  4. My husband lost his job ,so we been trying to keep our food bill to 200 dollars each month. We also receive free groceries from a food pantry .But saw your site and sounds helpful and gives me better ideas on what to buy for my family. Just found your site and will put on my bookmark. Thank you