Saturday, July 3, 2010

All You Grocery Challenge - Week 1 menu

Date Breakfast Lunch Dinner

20-Jun Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn  skipped Lasagna (red and alfredo) at my daughter's house

Omelete, muffins, hash browns, juice
salad, strawberry shortcake

21-Jun Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn - same shared 2 lunches for 5 people: tacos, Shared 2 meals and an appetizer between 6 

beans, rice 2/ free gift card  people at Olive Garden w/ free gift card

22-Jun Hotel - Hampton Inn - cereal, eggs,  Sandwiches w/ lunch meat, carrots,  Chinese take out food: different kinds - 

sausage, bananas, juice, etc. apples Mother in law bought it 

23-Jun Hotel - Hampton Inn - same as above Hummus w/ pita chips, carrots, grapes, Pizza from Little Ceasar's w/ free gift card

apples, leftover chinese food Salad, brownies

24-Jun Hotel - Hampton Inn - same as above Tuna sandwiches, leftover pizza Lasagna, Spinach alfredo, salad

grapes, nectarines, apples, carrots,  leftover brownies

25-Jun eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, skipped Hamburgers, chicken, different store salads,

juice, strawberries, blueberries
tortilla chips w/ guacamole, lemonade

26-Jun cereal, bananas, orange juice, ham/turkey/cheese on bagels, pita chips, taco bell - 10 items that were 89 or 99 cents

doughnuts to celebrate birthday apples, grapes, cherries each

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