Saturday, April 3, 2010

50 dollar Grocery Challenge - March

My family was surprised last night when I told them that I was still doing the 50 per week grocery challenge.  They thought I stopped after January.  I guess that is a good thing that they haven't noticed or missed anything.  I have done well for March, but need to be careful this next week and cook a few meals from our pantry since I spent some extra money for a boneless lamb and a few other things for Easter.  The holidays make it a little bit of a challenge but it will work out just fine since I plenty of food in the freezer and in my pantry.  I wasn't planning on spending only 50 per week when I started the challenge for January, but it really hasn't been too bad.  I have to keep good records to make sure I don't go over.  Some weeks I will spend a little more, and some weeks I will spend a little less, but it averages out right on the money!

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