Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Albertson's Old Orchard Frozen Juice fro 29 cents a can!

Albertson's is still having their Buy 10, get 10 dollars off your next trip sale.  Be sure to check that each of your items is on the list.  There is a blue big chill sign next to the ones that are part of the sale.  Some of the Old Orchard juice is marked 1.29 per can.  So, if you buy 10 cans, you pay $12.90 and get back $10 in coupons for your next shopping trip.  Roll that over when you go again and get 10 cans for $12.90, use your $10 coupon and only pay $2.90 and get another $10 coupon off your next order.  If you have any quesitons, e-mail me: 

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