Friday, February 19, 2010

25 Dollar Grocery Challenge - Menu for Friday

Here is our menu for today.  I feel like we have plenty of food, but I miss homemade cooking.  I can get name brand mixes, etc. for less than I can make them, so I have bought and used them instead.  My daughter wouldn't eat the pancakes made from the mix today.  She didn't like them.  I don't like putting cost over healthier choices, and it is hard to get the fresh fruits and veggies we are used to eating each day.  If I could just use things in my freezer and pantry along with the $25 for groceries, it would be easy.  But, to be more precise, I have chosen to use only $3.57 at the most per day to feed us.  There just isn't room for pineapple, organic milk, organic yogurt, etc. with that budget.  I am looking forward to Tuesday when I will go back to my $50 per week on groceries!  I am more grateful for the meals we have had this past week as it has taken more time to plan them in this budget and shave off expenses that just wouldn't fit in the amount I committed to spend.  I have thought of the people in Haiti and the challenges they have, and this is really no sacrifice compared to what others have to face.  We are so fortunate!

Feb. 19
1/3 Quaker Pancake Mix 0.34
hash browns 0.25
toppings for pancakes 0.15

free bread 0
lunchmeat from yesterday 0
free carrots 0
apples 0.5
1/4 P.B. cookie mix (58 cents to make) 0.15

leftover inexpensive lasagna 1/4 recipe 1.25
green beans (can) 0.25
beets 0
2 rolls to split 0.1

1/2 lb. grapes 0.43
leftover popcorn from yesterday 0


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