Wednesday, January 6, 2010

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

Yesterday I got some good deals at Safeway.  For $1.47 total, I got 2 Nature Valley Granola Clusters, 1 Nature Valley Yogurt granola bars and 1 Nature Valley Apple Crisp Granola bars.  I even got a coupon for $2.50 off my next shopping trip.  If you don't count the coupon, that is .37 each and if you count the coupon, I made $1.03 off the transaction.  Not too bad!  At Smith's, I spent 8.15 total on the following:  3 pkgs. Italian lettuce mix, 2 lbs. mixed fresh veggies in a bag, 2 pkgs. Butterball cooked chicken strips, 2 pkgs. Hillshire Farms ham in the Glad plastic containers, and one pound of turkey lunchmeat.  I think I bought too much meat, but some don't expire until the 15th of January so I have some time to use them.  Today I am using a total of $6.89 on our meals for the day.  Breakfast (2.19) is 4 oz. of orange juice for each of us (.19), Mini Wheats cereal (.67), 4 yoplait yogurts (1.00), Milk for cereal (.33), and frozen raspberries from our garden (0).  For lunch we are having sandwiches with rolls from yesterday (0), lunchmeat (1.00), satsumas (1.00), carrots (.33) and a brownie or cookie that was leftover or free.  Total for lunch is 2.33.  For dinner we are having spaghetti with sauce with some elk left from Monday (all free), 2 bags of salad on sale (1.0), and dressing for the salad (.5).  The total for dinner is 1.50.  For snacks we have 5 pieces of Ghiradelli chocolate (.50) and granola bites (.37).  That makes the grand total of $6.89 for today.  I don't have to cook much today and am glad for the break.

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