Friday, October 30, 2020

October Health Challenge: 1 1/2 More Days!

 Today and tomorrow and then I am done.  I think it is great to cut back sometimes,  just to realize how blessed you really are.  Can you imagine all of the people in the world who never will get the chance to try chocolate because they can't afford it?  It sure puts this challenge into perspective when you look at it that way.  I have only gone 30 days now, but it sure helps me realize how lucky I am to have a choice.  I think it is good to do this once in a while, to remind us how good we really have it.  I smelled some hot chocolate today, and it smelled better than I have ever remembered it!  The smell was enough for me.  I didn't need to drink some to be happy!  

It will be a different year with Halloween and the Pandemic, with kids missing out on a lot of fun holiday events, but even if it is a little less convenient, I hope we will realize that we still are very blessed.  So many have lost loved ones and cannot spend the holidays with them.  

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