Saturday, March 1, 2014

Simple Savings: Track Your Spending Challenge

Tracking your spending is a good way to get information about your spending habits.  Find a note card or a piece of paper to carry with you and jot things down as you spend.  That way you always have it with you wherever you go.

I usually have a pretty good idea of how much I spend.  As long as I stay in my budget and save money in the bank each month, I am pretty satisfied.  This month I am going to track all of my spending.  I do this every so often to just see if I am on track or if I am wasting money on things I don't need.

Please join me if you would like.  It will provide some great information that could be useful in knowing where you need to make changes.

Spending for the month of March:

March 1:  $4.10 on 2 packages of strawberries and 4 bananas

$30 on doughnuts for a church activity that I will get reimbursed for

$11.70 going out to eat

$8.69 on groceries:  Organic celery 2.99, Organic bananas 1.38, Hot house cucumber  50 cents, Lemon 44 cents, Organic red pears  Two packages at 1.69 each

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