Tuesday, June 25, 2013

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $48.52

I have taken some time off from the $50 grocery challenge lately to concentrate on writing the cookbook, but now that it is done I am doing it again.  I went shopping today and bought the following:

Vlassic sweet relish  Free
Vlassic dill relish  Free
2 Tropicana orange juices and 1 Tropicana Farmstand juice   4.99 for all
3 pieces of bacon  1.25
Country style ribs  2.18
Hormel pepperoni  1.00
Prairie Fire Sausage  1.86
Boneless chicken  7.02
Avocados  2 at 99 cents each
Cherries  2.09
Grapes  1.04
Organic Romaine Lettuce  2.99
Tomatoes on the vine  1.09
Buckwheat flour  1.14
Masa Harina for homemade corn chips  29 cents
Cumin  49 cents
Oat Bran  1.21
Red lentils  74 cents
Bag refund of 5 cents

We are having people over one day (chicken and ribs) and I also need to finish my menu before buying the rest of the food. 

Second Trip:

Organic carrots  1.19
Tomatoes  1.29
Potatoes 1.29
Buttermilk  33 cents
Mushrooms  70 cents
Broccoli  1.16
Cottage cheese  2 at 89 cents each
Organic milk  3.49
Gallon of regular milk  2.99
Reduced produce (peppers)  99 cents

Total $15.21

Grand Total  $48.52

How did you do this week?  Did you get any good deals or stay in your budget?  Link up and share!

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