Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple Savings: Use the Food You Buy

This clip (less than 5 minutes) from CBS will make you sick to see how much food this family has that they are wasting. What a HUGE waste of money. The clip also gives ideas on what you can do to prevent wasting food. One thing they mentioned, that I don't regularly do but might consider doing, is to cut veggies and fruits when you buy them so they are easier to eat right away. If I want to have carrots, I would be more likely to eat them if they are ready to eat than if I have to peel them before eating. As we have had kids go on to college, I have had to make adjustments in how much to buy. The $50 per week Grocery Challenge has helped me to stay on target and not buy too much. I don't always enjoy staying in my $50 budget, but it helps me to be more careful.

What are some things you do to avoid food waste in your home?

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