Tuesday, July 19, 2011

31 Days of Bread in July! Blueberry Scones & Kitchen Tip

I usually don't like the biscuit type scones, but this recipe was good.  You bake them instead of fry the bread dough type scones like we did a few days ago.  I substituted sour cream for the vanilla yogurt since I didn't have any, and I think the lemon zest makes a big difference in these.  I used frozen blueberries since that is all I had, and so the dough turned a bit blue since they had thawed out.  I also didn't have coarse sugar for the top, so I just used regular sugar.  I also flattened mine out a little bit to make sure they got done inside.  The picture on the original recipe looks much more appetizing! 

Kitchen Tip:  When you are using cold butter and need to cut it into the dough, try using a grater and grating it in.  It is easier to work with that way and it is distributed more evenly through the dry ingredients.  

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