Thursday, December 31, 2009

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

Here is a picture of the things we purchased on our shopping trip today.  We spent a total of $11.56.  This should help to get started on the right foot.  My biggest concern in doing this challenge is that I want to make sure we all have 5 fruits and vegetables per day.  I also decided to commit to spending 50 dollars per week for our family of four for one month instead of a year for now.  After a month, we can decide if it is something we want to continue or not.  I do think it is very possible to spend this much per week, but if you are going to provide well balanced meals with lots of variety, then you need to buy and eat what is on sale and use coupons in addition to provide some variety.  For example, with coupons and matching ads, each cheese was only 1.99 for two pounds.  I bought the cookie dough for 50 cents which probably is cheaper than making it myself.  The noodles were 50 cents a package with coupons, which is twice what I payed for the same items last month with coupons but I still felt it was a good deal.   I am curious to see how much more time I spend shopping, planning meals and cooking from scratch.  I will add the actual cost I paid for food from my pantry, freezer and cupboards if it is used.

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